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Professional high quality Arabic translation performed by qualified specialists

     منصور مكي      ترجمان عربي إنكليزي    


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We continuously implement the latest technologies to insure providing our customers with high quality translation in formats that suit customers specific requirements.

Our Library

Our library contains extensive collection of the latest specialist dictionaries, reference books, glossaries, encyclopedias and sample documents, leaflets, catalogues, etc.

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bullet Electronic Dictionaries
bullet Translation Aid Software
bullet Arabic Enabled Microsoft Office 2003 which includes:
bullet MS Word
bullet MS Publisher
bullet MS Power Point
bullet MS Front Page
bullet MS Visio
bullet MS Excel
bullet MS Outlook
bullet Arabic Windows Operating System.
bullet Database: we use Oracle and Microsoft Access.
bullet Adobe Products which includes:
bullet Adobe Acrobat
bullet Adobe Photoshop CS2
bullet Adobe Image Ready CS2
bullet Adobe Illustrator CS2
bullet Adobe GoLive CS2
bullet Adobe InDesign CS2
bullet We use the following multimedia products:
bullet Macromedia Dreamweaver
bullet Macromedia Director MX 2004
bullet Macromedia Fireworks MX
bullet Macromedia Flash MX
bullet We use the Java programming language for developing Database driven websites.

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We communicate and deliver our work to our customers and partners via:

bullet Telephone
bullet Post
bullet Email
bullet Fax
bullet CD roms and floppy disks
bullet In person
bullet Website

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bullet Pentium PCs
bullet Mono colour and colour printers
bullet Web server

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Translation - Interpretation - Typesetting - Design and Editing - Web Design - Artwork - Desktop Publishing

Makki Arabic Calligraphy

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United Kingdom
Tel: 0161 973 3434

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